Lotte Observation Deck – The #1 spot for the best view of Hanoi

October 16, 2022
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Located on the 65th floor of the Lotte Center Hanoi – one of the biggest most famous shopping destinations of the capital, The Lotte Observation Deck is one of the best spots to get the whole 360 degree panoramic view of Hanoi, capturing all the beautiful skyscrapers and rooftops into your eyesight.  A visit to Hanoi wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Lotte Observation Deck.

The Lotte observation deck is a relatively recent addition to the Hanoi Skyline, opened in 2011. Standing at 272m, the observation deck dominates the area of Ba Dinh District, about 3 km to the east of Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi Old Quarter. Located at 54 Lieu Giai Street, Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh Street, the tower offers Southest Asia’s first ever skywalk. Lotte Center Hanoi contains a 5-star hotel, modern offices and a premium shopping mall as well as luxury serviced residences. Lotte Mart, restaurants and most famous of all, the Lotte Observation Deck. This has been a favorite destination for tourists coming to the city for getting a panoramic view of the city with stunning skyline. This is definitely one of the top things to do in Hanoi, as the tower offers stunning, unrestricted views of the capital, both during day and night.


Located on the 65th floor of Lotte Center, one of the tallest buildings in the area, the deck boasts of incredible views. You’ll ride a high-speed elevator that will take you to the deck in less than a minute. Once you’re at the top, you can enjoy the various attractions on site for a truly memorable day. Feel like you’re walking on clouds at Sky Walk, take a closer look of the city at the Observatory, or capture hundreds of photos at the Love Photo Zone. Just bring your favorite travel buddy with you and share this one-of-a-kind experience together.

The fun of visiting the Lotte Observation Deck begins the moment you step into the elevator, which is one of the fastest elevators in the country. Among the biggest highlights of the Observation Decks are the skywalks, two large glass “boxes” that jut out from the side of the building.


The Observation Deck attracts a great many visitors daily , those who want to brave the height and conquer their fear. There is a fixed camera on the ceiling of one of the skywalks, allowing visitors to capture photos themselves looking down at the city below.


There is a special offer at the moment that if you buy a photo, you get a framed one free of charge. The Sunset Lounge here is one of the most spectacular spots to witness the sunset in Hanoi.


Everything about the Observation Deck is state of the art, including technology. The entire deck is fixed with interactive elements, such as a touchscreen map where you can locate places of interest.

Angel-in-us Café on Observation Deck

On the Observation Deck, there is an Angel In Us coffee bar and a Lotteria Restaurant. Visitors can stay as long as they wish, and they even have dinner on the Deck, with plenty of things to do, so this is a great way to spend the day.

View of Hanoi on Lotte Observation Deck

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of entertaining events on the Observation Deck, especially during weekends and on holidays. This includes interesting events such as dance battles, live acoustic music, magic shows and many more.

Only a 15 minute car ride from Hoan Kiem Lake and visitors can delight in stunning views and high tech activities at Lotte Observation deck. 

Located:  LOTTE Center Hanoi

Address: 54 Liễu Giai, Ngọc Khánh, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

Hours: 9AM – 10PM

Phone: 024 3333 6000

Distance from La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel:  4.8 km – 23 min drive

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