It's a spacious room (35 square meters) with a King Size bed and a big window view. Deluxe room is featured with wooden floor equipped with all facilities such as satellite/cable TVs, wifi and well equipped bathroom with tub and shower facilities. Our family clients can also be assured of the full attention of our staff in catering to any special needs they might have.

  • KING CLASSIC - 58USD/night

    It is ideal for the people wants to have a private quiet place for nostalgia. All travelers will have a real experience likes in a Oriental classic villas. All the rooms are different designs but it still offer the same feeling for you.

  • FAMILY SUITE - 79USD/night

    Family room is located on 3rd or 4th floor. Family room is 45 square meters with big window over looking Chuong Duong brige and City view. The bedroom is designed in French architectural style with separate living room and nice architecture. Family room configures 1 King size bed and 2 single beds that is enough for 4 adults and 1 child.


    A spacious beautiful room - 42 square meters on the high floors. Some of our King Executive rooms are renowned for having some of the most scenic views of Hanoi Old Quarter and Red river breath taking. From this room, you can get view to Long Bien Bridge, Chuong Duong Bridge and over look Hanoi bustling street.

Meaning of the 36 streets

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Street Name: Description:

1 – Bat Dan         Wooden Bowls
2 – Bat Su          China Bowls
3 – Cha Ca          Roasted Fish
4 – Chan Cam        String Instruments
5 – Cho Gao         Rice Market

6 – Gia Ngu         Fishermen
7 – Hai Tuong       Sandals
8 – Hang Bac        Silversmiths
9 – Hang Be         Rafts
10 -Hang Bo         Basket
11 -Hang Bong       Cotton
12 -Hang Buom       Sails
13 -Hang But        Brushes
14 -Hang Ca         Fish
15 -Hang Can        Scales
16 -Hang Chai       Bottles
17 -Hang Chi        Threads
18 -Hang Chieu      Mats
19 -Hang Chinh      Jars
20 -Hang Cot        Bamboo Latices
21 -Hang Da         Leather
22 -Hang Dao        (Silk) Dyer
23 -Hang Dau        Beans
24 -Hang Dau        Oils
25 -Hang Dieu       Pipes
26 -Hang Dong       Copper
27 -Hang Duong      Sugar
28 -Hang Ga         Chicken
29 -Hang Gai        Hemp
30 -Hang Giay       Paper
31 -Hang Giay       Shoes
32 -Hang Hanh       Onions
33 -Hang Hom        Cases
34 -Hang Huong      Incense
35 -Hang Khay       Trays
36 -Hang Khoai      Sweet Potatoe
37 -Hang Luoc       Comb
38 -Hang Ma         Votive papers
39 -Hang Mam        Pickled Fish
40 -Hang Manh       Bamboo-screens
41 -Hang Muoi       Salt
42 -Hang Ngang      Transversal Street
43 -Hang Non        Hats
44 -Hang Phen       Alum
45 -Hang Quat       Fans
46 -Hang Ruoi       Clam Worms
47 -Hang Than       Charcoal
48 -Hang Thiec      Tin
49 -Hang Thung      Barrel
50 -Hang Tre        Bamboo
51 -Hang Trong      Drum
52 -Hang Vai        Cloth
53 -Lo Ren          Blacksmiths
54 -Lo Su           Coffins
55 -Ma May          Rattan
56 -Ngo Gach        Bricks
57 -Thuoc Bac       Herbal Medicine





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Seven years from First Grand Opening, we selected, did training to improve our staff team. Now, we have strong professional team which can bring you fun, closely and the home feeling. They are young, dynamic, knowledgeable, enthusiasm.... They always do their job very good. They also can assist you with all travel services in Vietnam. Your stay will be pleasant one.

All of our rooms are very large, different beautiful design likes in luxurious Oriental villas. All rooms has soundproof windows overlooking scenic Old Quarter and Hanoi city or Red river breath taking. Rooms are featured with all mordern facilities promise to bring you comfort. Staying in the room, you will enjoy your time with real experience of spirit of Hanoi city.

It is not easy to figure out the ideal plans for your vacation in Vietnam. You will get troubles with thinking of where to go, what to see and what to eat... We do that for you because we are experience people. We organize the tours with all service around Vietnam which helps you to save your time and money. We guarantee for the best price and quality of tour.

Our hotel is located right in Old Quarter which gives you the most convenient when reaching the interesting places in Old Quarter with a short walk such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Night market, eating area with street food and "Bia Hoi" and shoppinn area. Otherwise, it's easy to get transport to outside of the city because our hotel is easy to find and also near bus station.


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